Wasteland 2 [2013, ENG/ENG, BETA,Steam Early Access] торрент игры

Wasteland 2 [2013, ENG/ENG, BETA,Steam Early Access]

Разработчик: inXile entertainment и Obsidian Entertainment
Издатель: Deep Silver
Год: 13 дек 2013
Тип издания: BETA [BETA] Steam Early Access
Таблетка: Не требуется
Версия: Update #39052
Язык интерфейса: ENG
Язык озвучки: ENG

Оцени игру_


Wasteland 2 является прямым продолжением игры 1988-го года Wasteland — первой постапокалиптичейской CRPG и прародителя небезызвестной Fallout. Игра собрала запрошенную на Kickstarter сумму всего за 48 часов, а за все время кампании утроила ее и достигла отметки почти в три миллиона долларов.
Wasteland 2 игра известного разработчика и основателя компании Interplay Брайана Фарго, подарившего миру такие RPG, как Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, Wasteland, Planescape: Torment и другие.
Wasteland 2 бережно собрала все лучшие элементы жанра и адаптировала под современного игрока. Классическая система пошагового боя в новом исполнении будет проста в освоении и вместе с тем не разочарует ветеранов компьютерных ролевых игр.
Действие игры разворачивается после ядерной войны между двумя сверхдержавами, в пустошах Аризоны, где отряды рейнджеров пытаются поддерживать мир в разоренных селениях последних выживших. Создавайте свои собственные персонажи, наделяя их уникальным набором навыков и снаряжая в соответствие с преследуемой вами целью, ведь количество игровых ситуаций в Wasteland 2 стремится к бесконечности! Стать мастером подрывного дела или лучше всех чинить тостеры? Сражаться с мухами-мутантами в зараженном радиацией агрокультурном центре или наткнуться на забытую богом свалку картриджей от Atari 2600? Пустоши Wasteland 2 никогда не перестанут удивлять вас чем-то новым!

(+/-) Изменения Update #39052
High Profile Fixes:

The Titans have been released! A new area is available.

The vendor screen has been completely redesigned!

Tutorials have been added

New Mark Morgan tracks

Large balance pass on weapons and dropsets across the world

Large armor penetration pass on weapons and armor class pass on enemies

Many optimizations and compatibility fixes

Tons of new ambient tracks and in-world sounds added to all AZ levels

Ag Center/Highpool/Prison now unlocked from start

Ag Center and Highpool can both fall now

Reduced loading times across all scenes

Combat & Balance:

PCs can now carry over 1 or 2 unused action points in combat to the next round

Going rogue CNPCs will now swap weapons if their primary weapon is completely out of ammo

You can no longer press space bar to end your turn while the PC is doing an action

Make equipped ammo slot auto-fill from inventory when consumed by reloading and when first equipped

Prevent ammo from duplicating

Don’t let party cnpc go rogue if they are out of ammo on ranged weapon and therefore won’t do anything

Using force attack with a melee weapon properly moves you

CNCPs going rogue will now finish their multi-turn actions before they rogue

PCs that equip weapons in combat will also equip ammo for said weapons, but will not automatically reload.

Skill and attribute commit buttons are now disabled when there are no points to allocate

Dropping items on the ground should work correctly again

Disabled weaponsmithing while in combat

Weaponsmithing: mods was being based on the target item’s owner, instead of the mod’s owner. this has been fixed.

Weapon CtH crit bonus is now a flat value instead of a multiplier

Fixed bugs with weapon info tooltips not using the correct skill for determining hit %

Attributes capped at 10 with bonuses

Pathfinding in combat now checks to see if a Mob can use ladders ( no more animals climbing ladders )

Battling NPCs with melee weapons now walk to within range so they can attack now

Swapping weapons will now interrupt skill use. This should prevent the skill meter from getting stuck overhead forever.

Fixed a bug with reloading/ujamming and then cone attacking without mousing off a target

Added a check to disallow ambushing when a rogue CNPC is currently active.

Anim Infos now have a checkbox to ignore the head look controller

PCs in combat will now look at the enemies head if they can, instead of the target center

Increased pathing calculation speed in combat

Updated combat pathing indicator to be yellow when it’s outside of move & attack range

Removed unused formation spinning

Skillbooks should function properly

NPC Battle AI behaviour will not reset it’s anim state every frame it does not have a target now

Junkie Melee: Fixed AI template so they would attack correctly.

Leg Wound status effect gets removed after 10 seconds now

NPC Ai only considers a target in range if it’s shootable

NPC AI only considers a target to be in optimal range if the target is visible

reduced starting carry weight

increased amount str attribute ties into weight.

made some items rare

changed angies age and inventory ammo

Slicer dicer laser should now be positioned and orientated correctly

adjusted armor price

added armor to most vendors

adjusted rad suit price

gave angela more starting ammo

slightly tweaked dropset on ammo

Added chance to hit and crit by skill level with to stat compare damage estimates

Changed inventory price modifier from 0.5 to 0.3

Increased XP to level by 25%

increased amount of healing per blood pack

increased amount of rez% on surgeon items

Adjusted CNPC/Default char starting ammo and increased quantity of ammo instances

adjusted penetration values on melee weapons

adjusted CON/Armor/init for enemies

balance pass on melee weapon damage

adjusted value, weight

Quick pass on scrap value for weapons up to and including tier 3

Adjusted item cost, weight and rarity

Added armor penetration to stat compare for ranged weapons

Armor items updated

Item tooltips account for combat speed being a float value

Looting an item with a required attribute will now work

Tweaked AI and cover

When instigating try to find an appropriate look spot for the head controller (so PCs look at NPCs in the eye in conversation )

Increased amount of crit gained per level for combat skills

Wrecking crew AI Pistoleer: Fixed the AI when attacking the player from a lower position.

Always display combat conditions during combat ( not just the player’s turn )

Added a check to avoid getting stuck if the entire party is killed in combat.

Modified descriptions of derived stats to give more details on under the hood #s

PCstats crit chance now has a multiplier by weapon skill

Rockets work on NPCs & rogue CNPCs now

Added some additional AOE decision to AI

NPCs should no longer stack on top of each other. Giving them a minimum obstacle avoidance prevents them overlapping but increased their obstacle avoidance priority to 49 so PC’s still can’t push them around.

When a PC goes Unconscious in combat the camera will focus on them briefly

Disable ComputerSci on dead robots

Make sure NPCs set to ignore combat don’t try to flee in CheckForCower()

User Interface:

Added a check for non-fullscreen at max resolution.

When moving the camera, edge scrolling is ignored if the arrow keys are being used

NPC Ambush now shows the icon over the NPCs head

Removed combat border FX

The attribute and skill displays on the bottom panel of the character info screen are now sorted.

The damage display should now show actual damage values when they update.

The skill info panel should scroll correctly again.

Hotkey buttons for items are now cleared when there are no more of that item in the PC’s inventory.

Surgeon items should now show up in the right-click hotkey menu again.

Turned compression back on for the HUD and equipment atlas sprites.

Fixed spelling of Sergeant on certain ranks

A CNPC’s chance to go rogue is now displayed on the character info panel.

Set up inventory grids to allow swapping the positions of items if they’re the same size.

Also added code to allow swapping if there’s sufficient space around both items.

The backpack menu will not show contents until the pop animation is complete. The scale of the animation was causing issues with NGUI’s clipping. This, in turn, caused the entire contents of the inventory to be displayed, not just the clipped area.

Updated the character tooltip for use in the conversation HUD

PCs with applicable skills now highlight in the conversation PC selection bar

The skip button should no longer be incorrectly masked on the world map.

Equipping items via right-click menu should now respect the “show equipment in inventory” setting

It should again be possible to move the hotkey bar in UI customization

The options screen scroll views should start at the top again

Make equipped ammo show total of all ammo of that type in the inventory

Disabled the ambush button collider outside of combat

The save/load screen will now retain the last sort mode used.

Fixed the depth of the secondary ammo count on the character info menu

Updated the keypad menu to include letters.

The combat action queue rotation button will now only show up when UI customization is enabled

The description text box should now resize correctly after being saved at a custom size

The item description label in the item info popup should now colorize text better

The cursor should now be reset to normal when a drag action is cancelled

GUI screens are now immediately resized and repositioned based on scale

It is now possible to scroll the options submenus by using the scroll wheel on the entries themselves

Added a close button to the skill use menu that shows up when there are no usable items

The combat XP summary should now scroll correctly

Reduced resolution for memory considerations

Dragging an equipped item to the inventory of a different character should correctly transfer the item

The “currently equipped” tag should show up on equipped items when comparing two of them

Fixed missing bonuses in mod tooltips

Crouch button out of combat should have all selected PCs crouch

Updated weapon skill descriptions

Fixed some scroll issues with the biography input field in character creation.

Capped the maximum visible saved games at 150 so that NGUI doesn’t break.

The default character parts are now available in character creation.

Added a popdown message when the party fills their canteens at a well.

Fix grammatical errors for item usage.

Commiting character skill points makes the plus button go away

Weaponsmith Cursor has been added

Fixed level load bug if it loads too fast some GUI cleanup was killing coroutines we didn’t want killed

The character info menu should now automatically pop up the first time a PC levels up.

Replaced “load scene” on the title bar of scene load modal with the scene name

Shortened the delay before auto-comparison to one second.

Removed floating damage “miss” text

Removed armor penetration readout from ammo tooltips and added it to weapon tooltips.

Make Ammo slot on equipped inventory show number in slot only.

Fixed the screenshot portrait positioning so that the character doesn’t show up off to the side.

Adjusted the description tooltip to allow for its use without a description.

No more exclamation points when combat starts

Mouseover tooltip weight now accounts for quantity

Made all armor 2x2 in inventory

Made all weapons 2x1 in inventory

Added a “rare” sparkle to drag drop items.

Hit & Crit chance don’t show up for thrown weapons and RPGs

Added a flag to the sprite animation class to prevent resizing.

Hit chance in character creation is now displayed in red if the player has not allocated any points to the associated weapon skill.

Attached the conversation stuff for NPCs to the top of the screen.

The critical fail % chance message will now show up in red.

Null ref checks ( hit a bug with an NPC fading out during the delay before combat started )

Renamed armor item that had an extra space in the name

Added a non-combat encumbrance indicator to the HUD PC portraits.

Switched the merchant icon to white.

UI / music adjustments to Ranger Citadel

Added a check to avoid prematurely spawning the world map HUD.

Ammo items with zero quantity are no longer shown in backpacks.

Mousing over the NPC portrait should no longer cause the PC selection list to pop up.

Floating text is now cleared when the player loses the game. This should prevent it from popping up on top of the game over screen for the moment.

Added a check to the popup loot window to avoid having repaired toasters showing up twice in the container list.

Added a fade down to the main menu buttons that is triggered when the background animation starts.

Added chance to jam to ranged weapon tooltips.

It should now be possible to drag ammo around within the backpack panel.

The character creation menu should now pre-load allowed wearables at start in order to avoid a giant lag spike when switching to the appearance tab.

Switched the character info menu to toggle when the button is clicked.

Opening a character info menu will now close any open backpacks and vice versa.

Added a flag to allow tooltips to prefer to spawn on the left of their reference sprites.

"Small" mode drag drop items will now default to having their tooltips show to the left.

Popdown messages should no longer wind up stuck onscreen if they’re onscreen during a cutscene.

Hidden examines don’t get a mouseover cursor

Equipped items should no longer be re-equipped by right-click buttons.

The last journal entry updated will be highlighted when opening the journal screen by clicking on the “log book updated” popdown.

The loot window can now be closed via event.

The attack info tooltip should now stay horizontally centered on the screen regardless of HUD scale.

Fixed some UI issues with the journal screen.

Currency items now show their total value in the item info tooltip.

Modified the combat act queue to be positioned like other UI objects.


Fix the low XP bug for CNPC that were already saved in a saved game

Exporting characters should now correctly include their portraits and physical customization

Game is no longer auto-saved when you were loading a saved game

Added the ability to load a game by double-clicking on the game’s entry in the list

Replaced “load scene” on the title bar of scene load modal with the scene name

Importing old exported characters should no longer reset their attributes and skills.

World Map:

World Map - drawn path is cleared when mousing over a POI

World Map: Temporarily disabling Damonta and Silo 7 POIs

Rejiggered canteens and rad suits to be party-wide items.

World Map radiation damage overlay

Animation & Navigation:

New animated main menu

Area attacks outside of combat should temporarily put the character in a combat anim state

When a CNPC joins the party they now play the “Join Party” salute animation

Fix bug in queued animations that results in the spinning torso.

Stop NPC’s from doing talk animation during description text bubble.

Play a pickup animation when picking up something off the ground.

Fix animation pops. Looping animations should restart when one-offs start blending out instead of when one-offs are completely done.

Fix spinning Cirque Du Soleil torsos.

Head Look Controller

Humans now use a head look controller - Blends looking at targets with the animations by turning the spine and neck bones

Out of combat friendlies will turn to face the party leader if he’s within their perception radius

Human Mobs will now head look to turn to directly face a target when shooting out of high cover

Mobs using head look will twist to face a target within 45 degrees of their current facing instead of turn stepping.

Added flag on NPC templates to disable head look

Added spawner override to use head look


Added weapon miss SFX

Better propane tank SFX

Added SFX to fire prefab in highpool

Added SFX for broken glassware

Added Spark SFX

Added dripping goop sfx

Added sound effects to aces wrench and crowbar

Lowered Kathy’s VO volume

Improved generator SFX

Shovel SFX improvements

Revised looped battle music variations added

New battle audio track has been added

Crouch / Stand volume adjust

fixed horrible skill hover sound

LAW rocket “shoosh” sound added (loop)

New Tutorial Sounds Added

Changed soundscapes to have level music in the correct field

Cops maps music and ambience / sfx mixing pass

Music added to LevelMusic but music not playing, will Jira to Ben

XP total new sound and assignment, 8999

Added SFX for Aoe weapon pickup

Ambience update to Ranger Citadel - mix pass

Atchison rail nomad full ambient sfx pass


added detail to combat knife textures

Exploded crate pieces will reparent to the FX folder when the physics timer runs out so they are not destroyed when the crate is changed to the destroyed state

Hiding the evidence…until CK gives the nod

Main Menu FX - fixed seam on building card, added animation of scorpitron to script

Main Menu FX - changed shader on BG bldg for proper transparency, set up all elements for triggered animation by Chris, changed BG color of camera

Thresher FX - tweaks to color/opacity for skid FX, ground dust

Movement Range FX are now drawn over time in small increments over many frames to reduce start of PC combat turn lagging

Movement range fx squares are no longer cached on scene start up but when now when combat starts but over time so there’s no delay

polish art pass on all AZ levels.

Technical & Text:

Make seed pods not turn pink after they explode.

Fixed a bug that was preventing items from being equipped.

Bug fix when teleporting a PC when they’re currently going through a door or climbing a ladder

Created an atlas for the item sparkle effect.

Conversation when all keyboard input is going to the keyword typing-input bar

Changed party selection with Fn keys to not try to toggle selection (as that was causing a bug causing it to do nothing sometimes). It only selects now

Added an application target frame rate of 60fps so video cards don’t overheat

Added a flag to tell whether a PC has committed points after leveling up.

Head look doesn’t follow animations when aiming anymore

Adjusted look point so it’s aiming at center of chest instead of waist on human targets

Turning to target also calls a head look when finished turning

Fix null ref when dictionary to save is null.

Fix loot distance checking to check at time loot is about to be transferred as target could have moved out of range in that time.

Make sure loot is targeted to pc leader.

Update the loot target selection whenever pc leader changes to be the pc leader.

Anti-aliasing is now only set by the post process on the camera.

Disabled Quality setting AntiAliasing because it doesn’t appear to do anything


Killing innocent civilians will now step through several warning barks from Angela or Rose before they both leave. This only ever barked once before, but they would never leave.

Logbook & Radio:

Make Ag Center and Highpool discoverable from the start of the game

Prison can now be accessed on the world map from the start of the game.

Fixed up Rick’s quest line. Made sure it all worked and added some new journal entries for him.

Had to make a new location for the journals as Darwin Village wasn’t listed.

Level Design, Balance, Reactivity:

Ag Center: Make impossible safe possible

Ag Center: Clean up Peter interactions

Ag Center: Add injection sfx to curing Matt

Ag Center: More goop has been added

Ag Center: Kathy radio cleanup

Ag Center: Fixing up numerous navmesh issues.

Ag Center: Kathy Destroyed logic

Ag Center: Clean up safes in CB

Ag Center: Fix a broken keyword for Patrick

Ag Center: Use correct event for Skinner leaving level

Ag Center: Party members should no longer be blocked from combat

Ag Center: Pod people should properly reinforce their brethren

Ag Center: Cut Kathy’s call about Rachel

Ag Center: Clean up some encounters if you kill innocents

Ag Center: Reconnect lost item reference

Ag Center: Fixed duplicate cmd.say() statements in Kathy.

Ag Center: Give Skinner some more combat barks

Ag Center: Patrick logic

Ag Center: Make Larson look at you before attacking

Ag Center: Pod examine edit

Ag Center: Fixed a save load issue with Skinner if he’s already following you and you move to his exit trigger.

Ag Center: AZ01 Central Complex Destroyed full ambient sfx pass

Ag Center: Killing Fields Destroyed full ambient sfx pass, check on pod explosions (someone is triggering a grenade sound there too!)

Ag Center: New Patrick Larson explosion

Ag Center: Better descritpion for destroyed pods

Ag Center: Fixed issue with instigate points on weak walls in central basement.

Ag Center: Temp remove audio from Kathy Lawson Destroyed

Ag Center: Fix issue with Skinner keywords

Ag Center: Turn off Debug object in CB

Ag Center: Honeydew description fix

Ag Center: Made pod fragments stackable. Readded pods to proper dropset.

Ag Center: Infected station: remove some unwanted props

Ag Center: Remove unused highlight from plants

Ag Center: Big ol’ pass on removing NMOs. Redoing brambles to use OMLs instead.

Atchison Camp: Fixed one of the sombat zones was disabled.

Atchison Camp: Balanced items and dropsets

Atchison Camp: Fixed Bug 9010 fixed an AI’s patrol path from walking to the wrong spot.

Highpool: Fixed a BUG in the ROACH footfall names (GET IT!?)(

Highpool: Clean up how Wrecker Stronghold is revealed

Highpool: Tweaked cover spots and AI

Highpool: Fixed graphical error with floating water in Highpool

Highpool: Tweaked Pistoleer AI. Moved some cover peices closer to eachother.

Highpool: Dr. Scott’s medical supplies can only be stolen if the medical crate has been unlocked

Highpool: Added trash bag behind Jack’s place. Had to recut nav and rebuild

Highpool: Booby trap setttings

Highpool: Make sure Kate disappears at the right time.

Highpool: Patient behavior cleanup

Highpool: Wreckers fire mortar before players stop them.

Highpool: Cleanup new propane/mortar elements

Highpool: Tier 2 townies don’t run after fight

Highpool: demote importance of Garoof quest

Highpool: Give mortar display name.

Highpool: Make dead synth behave like the one in AZ10

Highpool: Change burning house valve desc text to be less obvious about skill use

Highpool: Bergin fights!

Highpool: Kate Preston topside cleanup

Highpool: Make underground doorways work better

Highpool: Reattach Bergin and guards’ wait triggers

Highpool Destroyed: Fixed bug where combat was calling in an extra group when it shouldn’t have.

Highpool Underground - 2nd audio ambience pass (full)

Highpool Saved & Destroyed: Tweak melee AI templates.

Infested Pump Station’s waterfalls fixed

Leve L’Upe Mine: Fixed Bug 9502 added instigate points to the TNT.

Prison : Added encounters of Red Scorpions for the return visit also added cover.

Prison: Heavy machine gun foreman should be targetable in combat

Prison: Balanced items and dropsets

Prison: Fixed Bug 9379 fixed combat path.

Prison: Better responses to breaking the well.

Prison: Changed drama sequence so running pigs will start back up where they left off if level is saved and reloaded.

Prison: Pitbull radio trigger fixed so it doesn’t trigger no matter if it should.

Prison: Ma/Pa/Hole digger combat grouping in Prison

Prison: Fix issue where Gladys disappeared too soon

Prison: Rev Thomas encounter, Johnie and Dweezle encounter and Tonza cleanup.

Prison: Fixed character falling through terrain sort of. Their feet will clip through at a couple spots but this is as good as its going to get this is a Unity bug and we can only do so much with it.

Prison: Attended two informative meetings on the dialogue and quest systems for Tides.

Prison: Don’t trigger cutscene if participants are dead

Prison: Tweaked the AI in Prison maps and silo maps. Added some cover and moved around some AI positions.

Prison: Fixed characters falling through objects

Radio Tower: Obtaining log page one now correctly unlocks the ability to obtain Ace’s Log book

Radio Tower: Fixed Bug 9131 collider blocking mouse click

Radio Tower: Fixed Bug 5183 fixed a bug where the map could be clicked a second time even though it was picked up.

Radio Tower: Reduced duration of Murder Site radio call

Rail Nomads: Balanced drops

Rail Nomad: Tweak Junkie AI. Fixed special attack

Rail Nomads: Hobos in Rail Nomads now attack you if you’ve killed the Hobo King

Rail Nomads: Hobos at Gorky’s Distillery now flee if you kill the Truck Driver

Rail Nomads: Samuel Haas drops Ace’s Log Book if it has not already been obtained

Rail Nomads: Fixed missing examine text for casey’s arm.

Rail Nomads: Fixed player falling through bridge.

Rail Nomads: Doubled the wander radius on waste wolves.

Rail Nomads: Fix issue with big combat at end of scene

Rail Nomads: Demote blown-up Topekan journal entry

Rail Nomads: New population sign for Rail Nomads

Rail Nomads: Fixed an issue wherein Ralphy would enter an empty conversation when approaching the museum in Ranger Citadel.

Rail Nomads: Fixed an issue wherein Jessie would enter the incorrect state if the player interacted with the bicycle in the playground.

Rail Nomads: Fixed an issue wherein the Injured Topekan journal entry did not resolve.

Rail Nomads: Anna has a change of heart and seeks out a new lifestyle if peace is achieved in Rail Nomads.

Rail Nomads: The Calvin family has new dialog if peace is obtained.

Rail Nomads: Gorkinovich has new dialog if peace is obtained.

Rail Nomads: Fixed an issue wherein Choppers did not reappear after the peace ceremony.

Rail Nomads: The female Topekan oracle worshiper has new dialog if peace is obtained.

Rail Nomads: Mrs. Parker’s dialog changes if peace is compelete.

Rail Nomads: Added a unique dropset for Mrs. Parker.

Rail Nomads: Fix generator so it doesn’t trigger the alarm after you attach the coupler

Rail Nomads: Hooked up new population sign art for Rail Nomads

Rail Nomads: Mr Holliday has new dialog if peace is compelete.

Rail Nomads: Casey now agrees to lose his left arm.

Rail Nomads: Anti-Atchisons radio calls no longer occur if peace is complete.

Rail Nomads: Quarex’s dialog changes if peace is complete.

Rail Nomads: All hanging bodies and Atchison warning signs will now disappear following the peace ceremony.

Rail Nomads: Casey James and his Atchison crew no longer appear at the Atchisons entrace after the peace ceremony has completed.

Random Encounter: Fixed missing clothes on RSM

Random Encounter: Removed weapons from cowering civilians in random encounters

Random Encounter Venders: Gave venders 1000 scrap

Random Map 3: Fixed Bug 9623 level bound was to small.

Random Map 3: Fixed Bug 9622 stopped characters from falling through ramps.

Ranger Citadel: Making sure NPCs sit on their chairs

Ranger Citadel: Nur gives updated weapon

Ranger Citadel: Funeral ranger pathing cleanup

Ranger Citadel: Drill Team cleanup

Ranger Citadel: Clean up Solveig conv

Ranger Citadel: Removing duplicate player starts that were causing trouble

Ranger Citadel: Fixing Vargas movement points for LA Briefing

Ranger Citadel: Cleanup Baychowski wake up sequence

Ranger Citadel: Make sure Nur doesn’t welcome you when you’re leaving

Ranger Citadel: Fix med bay layout, some spawner issues with Tideman

Ranger Citadel: Fixed an issue wherein you could not discuss Ace’s Log Book if you exited the conversation too soon.

Ranger Citadel: Convert Rick Baychowski from CNPC to follower

Ranger Citadel: Improvements to Drill CNPC 3, descriptor for gate

Ranger Citadel: Better text for cancer journal

Ranger Citadel: Add new CNPC rejoins

Ranger Citadel: Adding drop to the toaster in the museum

Ranger Citadel: Trigger Rick “ask to leave” conversation at the RV map

Ranger Citadel: Polish items

Ranger Citadel: Only one success on Finster head

Rick’s RV: Fix party bark issue and mark second bark as NPC

Robots! Slicer dicer now explodes when killed and does not leave a corpse

Robots!: Rearranged Slicer Dicer positions

Robots: Fixed Bug 9274 Changed Robots! To Abandoned Railway.

Системные требования:

Операционная система: Windows 7/8/XP/Vista (32 or 64 bit)
Процессор: Dual Core 3.0GHz or equivalent processor
Оперативная память: 4 GB RAM
Место на жестком диске: 20 GB available space
Звуковое устройство: совместимое с DirectX
Видеокарта:: 512 MB of VRAM



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