[UPDATE] Gauntlet Update 2 - CODEX торрент игры

[UPDATE] Gauntlet Update 2 - CODEX

  • обновлен: 3-10-2014
  • Автор: ShadeWeaveR
  • категория: PC-игры
  • просмотры: 2 178
  • размер: 413,85 MB

Требуемая версия: 1.10
• Язык обновления: Любой, не зависит от языка
• Таблетка: Присутствует (CODEX)
Список изменений
Gauntlet v1.02 (Patch 2) Out Now
2 октября - Gauntlet Warrior

1. Установить Update
2. При необходимости скопировать таблетку из папки CODEX в папку с игрой
3. Играть

Hello fellow adventurers! 

Thank you for your continuing feedback on Gauntlet. With Gauntlet v1.02 (Patch 2) we have addressed the most urgent topics like the addition of key bindings and previously hidden resolution settings. Please find the full patch notes below and don’t shoot the food! 

Gauntlet v1.02 (Patch 2) 10-02-14 

* Key binding settings now available for Keyboard and Mouse Controls. 

* All Resolution Options should now be displayed in the Settings UI. 

* The Spider Queen will no longer spawn hatchlings behind the entrance gate in ‘The Caverns of Mag’Ash. 

* Our heroes can now successfully navigate through the Chasm in ‘The Burning Temple of Dur’ where they previously encountered issues. 

* User will no longer be blocked by Grabbing the Block before it
explodes in Cavern of Mag'Ash. 

* Previously 1 local save file was being used regardless of number of steam accounts used on a PC in this Patch, local save files will be unique to the different Steam users that created them. 

* Heroes can now successfully traverse the ‘Crypts of the Sun King’ even in rooms with 3 locked doors. 

* Undying Heroes will now be awarded their Masteries upon completing the chapter. 

* The user will no longer fall out of world when respawning in the area near the
first block to push down in Caverns of Mag’Ash. 

* Life bar no longer overlaps ‘Enemy Encountered’ text in Beast of Orox boss battle. 

* Various overlapping and cut off text fixes have been addressed in different languages.

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