State of Decay [Update 25(15) + 2 DLC] (2013) PC торрент игры

State of Decay [Update 25(15) + 2 DLC] (2013) PC

Жанр: Indie, Action, 3D, 3rd Person, Survival horror
Разработчик / Издательство: Undead Labs / Microsoft Studios
Платформа: PC

Версия: - update 25(15)

Тип издания: Пиратка
Язык интерфейса: Русский (Официальный русский перевод), Английский
Таблэтка: Вшита (3DM SteamEmu)

Системные требования:
> ОС: Windows XP / 7 / 8
> Процессор: Intel Core i5 series or equivalent
> Оперативная память: 2 Gb
> Видеокарта: GeForce GT 240 / Radeon HD 4750 / Intel HD 4000
> Жёсткий диск: 3 Gb свободного места
> Звуковая карта: любая совместимая с DirectX9.0c

Оцени игру_

Описание State of Decay:
Апокалипсис грядет. Мир уже не будет таким, как прежде: на землю пришла мать всех зомби. Остались только вы и горстка храбрецов. Это экшен от третьего лица, события которого разворачиваются в открытом игровом мире с динамично меняющимся окружением. Чтобы выжить, вам надо сплотиться и начать строить новую жизнь. Разбейте лагерь и сделайте из него неприступную крепость. Добывайте пищу и оружие, совершая дерзкие набеги, спасайте других выживших и пользуйтесь преимуществами их уникальных талантов.

Описание State of Decay - Breakdown:
Вы выжили в State of Decay. Пора идти вперед и творить свою историю. Бесконечная кампания ждет героев. Каждый поворот сюжета зависит только от вас. Проявите себя перед лицом все более ужасного зомби-апокалипсиса и соревнуйтесь с выжившими со всего мира. Выполняйте спецзадания, открывая новых героев с особым оружием и навыками. Чем дальше, тем страшнее. Но выбор всегда за вами.

Описание State of Decay - Lifeline:
"В игре State of Decay: Lifeline вы окажетесь в шкуре солдата «Грейхаунд 1» – спецподразделения, посланного в наводненный зомби город, чтобы спасти группу ученых, которые смогут положить конец распространению заразы. Lifeline – это новая карта, новые персонажи и новая стратегия игры: защищайте базу от толп зомби, используя лучшее оружие, технику и людей, которые сможет найти ваш отряд. Судьба города в ваших руках. Так сколько человек вы спасете?"


update 25(15) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 06/05/14 - V14.6.5.3080
-Allow refugees to recycle in lifeline after a full cycle of refugees - once you've met everyone and either rescued them or...otherwise, the game will start from the top of the list so that the game can continue.
-Important persons should no longer become 'Away From Home' and will stay at the base.
-Removed a problematic issue preventing Cho from acknowledging successes once she was at your base.
-Fix for 'fainting' before the first siege. Fainting should now be impossible until after that siege is over. Death is death.
-Removed access to an area in the port we didn't intend to be playable area. (There was an area in the port in the NW area of the map, where you could climb over a wall next to the crane and run around in a small zone and eventually hit some invisible walls. Borrrrrrrrring.)
-Vehicles should now be repaired by advanced Workshops post siege.
-Eldridge's post-rescue scene (on the radio with Highroad) should no longer turn driving players into car-centaurs.
-Removed teleports from VIP "Found" scenes, to prevent ugliness in cases where the intended building is not cast.
-Made Sasquatch pacifistic and unkillable during Bloater and Screamer Hunting missions, to prevent him from screwing up the Bloater all the time.
-Fixed bad reference to the most advanced versions of the Infirmary that was preventing sick people from getting better.
-Fixed a case where Greyhound 2 soldiers were invulnerable when they became playable.
-Baroque church near international district should no longer appear blown out with black squares atop each steeple.
-Display score between breakdown levels
-Grenade launchers and mines now count towards Grenadier
-Fix to a rucks-in-trucks crash. (From ChrisP: There was an issue where rucks in trucks were being saved in a particular order, and if one of the rucks was removed, the order was not being re-saved, so if a player then went to pull a second ruck, it would cause the game to crash.)
-Fix painkiller and snack resets in Supply Locker after next day. One per population decrement +/- morale/sickness of population
-Characters no longer consume the snacks and painkillers that they carry in their inventory on end of day.

update 24(14) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 05/30/14 - V14.5.28.1775
*added Lifeline DLC
*final fixes for Lifeline DLC

update 23(13) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 05/29/14 - V14.5.28.1775
Rucks in Trucks... now live for Steam players.

update 22(12) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 05/27/14 - V14.5.23.1528
*General Fixes:
-Included code in preparation to launch Lifeline
-Localization bug fixes and updates.
-We now notify the player when they have recovered from faint events or close calls.
-Reduced survival rate to more accurately simulate the apocalypse.
-Allies are no longer afraid to shoot at armored zeds
-Fixed the German opening quote
-Cleaned up font issues
-Fixed a case where Blaze of Glory could be triggered without having the actual item needed to perform it, which led to cases of soft locks.
-Fixed icons of established outposts from the Base game being present on the map in Breakdown
-Fixed spurious stockpile exceeded messages after you are within limits
-Made XML fixes based on Community feedback.
-Hid the non-functional 'show gamercard' button on PC leaderboards
-Reduced the amount of food needed for the Food Preservation actions
-We now properly unlock heroes that require level 2 and above
*Audio Fixes:
-Fixed a bug that would cause the main menu music not to play
-Fixed the audio on the AK47 Custom
-Increased the number of map pings so they match the audio from the doll.
*Weapon Fixes:
-Made improvements to firearm interaction and aiming
-Fixed a bug where certain weapons were no longer triggering controller feedback.
*Environment and Physics Fixes:
-Select doors should now auto-close by default
-Made changes to exiting vehicles that prevent the player from being thrown out of the environment
-Fixed the case of zombies popping their heads up when you at shoot them.
-Made changes so that zombies no longer get stuck on fences
-Fix to help zombies not switch between different states standing at doors.
-Edited chain link fence material
-Fixed a case where the game would crash if a prop was not found
-Fixed instances where NPCs were getting caught in a loop to climb when the player that they were following was in a vehicle near the climb markup.
-Fixed zombies disappearing while running around
-Reworked it so invisible zombie deaths stop them from being reused
-Improved NPC pathing and interactions near and around chainlink fences
-Fixed the bug where NPCs were getting back up when they should be dead.
-The game should no longer disable a door that is closing or opening, and now waits for those to finish. This should fix doors being in the wrong visual state.
-Made improvements to climbing
-Fixed hovering zombies
-Reduced the strobe on muzzle flash
-Fix for feral kills sometimes succeeding in tear but missing the kill.
-Disabled pausing on the score screen. This fixes the issue where cut scenes were not pausing

Note for my Russian players: If you have already bought the game, and choose Russian as the language in which you wish to play, you may have noticed that this patch now supports you :) However, the option is not in the store. That's because we're now doing a phase of testing that was not technically possible until the patch went live. I'll post here when we're ready to officially take feedback on the Russian translation. Mainly, I'm saying something because I know that if it's in the build, you'll find it :)

update 21(11) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 04/23/14 - V14.4.23.5685
*Physics and Pathing:
-Made vehicles less flippy
-Improved vehicle entry distances
-Added a physics test when a vehicle flips to avoid throwing you out of the environment
-Fixed glass failing to break properly
-Fixed potential crash when zombies try to path outside of the playable area
-Fixed zombies occasionally running in straight line towards target through collision
-Fixed zombies getting stuck facing each other
-Fixed dead zombies running in place
-Reduced instances of zombies walking through doors
-Radius is now proper on aggro range (fireworks, talking dolls, etc. now only pull nearby zombies)
-Hordes no longer target buildings they can't infest
-Changed the floor height on industrial warehouses to fix pathing
-Increased snap distance of all guns
-Removed rotation spread penalty on all assault rifles and SMGs
-Tuned aim friction
*Graphics and Sound:
-Smoothed framerate
-Increased range for the home base audio loading
-Fixed base environment audio preload
*Zombies and AI:
-Zombies prefer tasty NPCs (taunting, blazing, cowering NPCs)
-Zombies prefer tasty targets (fireworks, talking dolls, etc. over echos and disturbances)
-Cleaned up zombie distribution
*Outposts and Resources:
-Corrected the daily resource calculations on asset page of journal
-Capped the number of resources you can receive on subsequent offline days at 15
-New outpost resource model
-Each outpost costs 1 material for upkeep for the first day you're offline
-All resource outpost types now correctly generate resources
-If an outpost contains resources it generates 3 of that resource
*Cleaning up Under the Hood:
-Fixed bug preventing the Steam leaderboard score from maintaining your highest scores
-Retroactively award Breakdown achievements for unlocked characters
-Implemented fix for crashes if an NPC is trying to enter a vehicle and you exit and continue
-Fixed an issue with button substitutions
-Changed main menu selection to support upcoming Lifeline DLC
-Fixed world-reset issue when switching from the base game to Breakdown and vice versa

update 20(10) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 02/12/14 - V14.2.11.5126
*Zombie behavior:
-Fixed some of the most egregious cases of zombies going through doors. (They would often walk a step or two into the door before attacking it, which led them to turning around to attack it.)
-Zombies now prefer taunters, blaze of glory'ers, and fireworks and more!
-Zombies in the sights of a gun are forced to have collision and react appropriately when shot.
*NPC behavior:
-Fixed a bug where NPCs could "Blaze of Glory" 100% of the time.
*Progression issues:
-Progression blocker caused by dying during the rescue Jack mission with the grange has been fixed
-Progression blocker caused by quitting immediately after a death in a mission that supports restarting has been fixed
-Progression blocker caused by certain types of dying in Breakdown has been fixed.

update 19(9) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 01/22/14 - V14.1.21.2683
*Found and fixed the cause of recent story progression halt issues

update 18(8) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 01/10/14 - V14.1.9.1479 aka "First Patch of 2014"ers, and fireworks and more!
-Zombies in the sights of a gun are forced to have collision and react appropriately when shot.
*NPC behavior:
-Fixed a bug where NPCs could
*Progression issues:
-Progression blocker caused by dying during the rescue Jack mission with the grange has been fixed
-Progression blocker caused by quitting immediately after a death in a mission that supports restarting has been fixed
-Progression blocker caused by certain types of dying in Breakdown has been fixed.

update 19(9) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 01/22/14 - V14.1.21.2683
*Found and fixed the cause of recent story progression halt issues

update 18(8) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 01/10/14 - V14.1.9.1479 aka "
*Fixed several instances of community members standing idle.
*Players will no longer see an event called CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT. This was a developer-only fate card that didn't get removed before going live. Sorry, everyone.
*Fixed a bug that prevented Chemical Incendiary research at Snyder's. Players may now satisfy the prerequisites with the built-in workshop (and not with other workshops).
*Synced stealth kills vs. walls and low walls now properly credit the Ninja challenge.
*Inventory stockpiles are now limited to 120 instead of 60.
*We no longer zero out meds and snacks on next day and instead just subtract home population.
*Fix for some story missions not progressing (those not getting the Watchtower mission at the Grange).

update 17(7.1) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 12/21/13 - V13.12.12.492 Hotfix2 - ROLLBACK
We tested this fix six ways from start in house, and everything was fine. Then, as some of you reported, it went live and it wasn't. So, we've rolled it back.

update 16(7) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 12/21/13 - V13.12.12.492 Hotfix
*fix story missions not progressing for those not getting the Watchtower mission at the Grange

update 15(6) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 12/12/13 - V13.12.12.492 aka "Last Patch of 2013"
*mouse: fixed some issues with high DPI mice
*mouse: better overall precision
*performance: remove busy wait that causes abnormally high cpu usage on some machines
*fix bug that caused 3rd story props to occasionally be unsearchable
*increased odds of spawning unlocked Hero in Breakdown

update 14(5) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 12/05/13 - V13.12.4.22
*fix fame leaderboard
*update zombie kill points leaderboard data properly
*upgrade to latest steam sdk
*fix playthrough leaderboard
*fixed the scenario score leaderboard getting reset with each scenario

update 13(4) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 11/29/13 - V13.11.28.9766
*added Breakdown DLC
*final fixes for Breakdown DLC

update 12(3) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 11/27/13 - V13.11.27.9728
*fixed a few audio bugs on the PC menu system
*enabled Breakdown leader boards (getting ready for Friday)
*performance tweak to draw distances in max/ultra mode
*shadows: Now faster and better!
*fixed titles on Breakdown leaderboard

update 11(2) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 11/21/13 - V13.11.20.9422
*there is now a smoother frame rate, and reduced stalls when driving
*Breakdown UI is hooked up
*added more inputs for keyboard and mouse to shake zombies off (used to be 'c' key, now it's 'c' or 'e' or 'left click' or 'space')
*the resolution changes when you release (rather than when you drag) the sliders
*the mouse moves the camera during cutscenes
*we now block emotes/execute/roll/drop during cutscenes
*fix for crash when trying to complete certain missions
*fixed bug that caused unintentional overwriting of saves when you clicked Start New Game
*fix for cycling visible items when using the mousewheel
*fixed placeholder text on expertise screen
*fixed several strings in non-English languages

update 10(1) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 11/05/13 - V13.11.5.8606
*tone down vehicle headlights
*change default resolution to 1024x768
*sneak was moved to (C)
*roll was moved to (LCTRL)
*leapfrog and suplex hints updated
*fix stealth kill
*fix lightbar ontop of cop car
*fixed unresponsive map scrolling when using a controller
*localization for most of the missing strings
*allow finer grain adjustment of mouse sensitivity

•update 9(Initial release) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 11/05/13 - V13.11.4.8512
*siren key added (LCTRL)
*execute key added (Z)
*roll key added (C)
*emote keys added (1, 2, 3, 4)
*social key added (CAPS)
*radio works in cars (LALT)
*drop rucksack button added (X)
*firemode key added (SPACE)
*full keyboard/mouse support on map
*keyboard/mouse controls screen
*updated buttons on leaderboard
*proper control icon in journal
*proper autosave warning
*intro movies now play if you have a dual monitor setup
*"revert to defaults" now affects just the menu you reverted on
*the journal doesn't display when entering/exiting the steam overlay
*when the steam overlay is active, the game is now paused (YIPPEE)
*window'd mode works better
*rucksack now displays when it's dropped
*removed halo around character in med and max spec
*removed extra darkening in med and max spec
*toned down the bloom
*car headlight flares now only display in the direction towards the camera
*fixed inadvertent controller deadzone application in mouse code
*fixed selectable UI text
*fixed specialization details info bug
*move while aiming (when a controller is plugged in)
*fix for controller prompt while surveying
*fixed missing couch in the Wilkerson's farmhouse
*fixed death flashing in Ultra spec


update 8 -EARLY ACCESS- Notes, 10/31/13 - V13.10.31.8335
*increased zombie variety
*adjusted mouse sensitivity range
*make car door kills more reliable
*constraint to supported resolutions in windowed mode
*reduced shadow artifacts
*switched to 'tab' and 'z' for left bumper and right bumper in the UI
*substituted all hints and help text for PC keys
*switched center prompts to PC keys
*fixed white zombie
*fixed jumpy mouse
*fixed button prompt when searching
*fixed 'clicking on esc deletes my save'
*fixed wrong button for dropping rucksack
*fixed issues highlighting melee weapon display
*fixed some mouse hover states

update 7 -EARLY ACCESS- Notes, 10/28/13 - V13.10.28.8093
*edge weapon tuning
*physics improvements (gravity and vehicles like each other more)
*ATI card optimizations
*tons of Keyboard/Mouse improvements

update 6 -EARLY ACCESS- Notes, 10/21/13 - V13.10.21.7665
*fixed an issue where we were inadvertently flagging props (that still had resources in them) as "already searched"
*fixed a bug where we were forcing all languages to English

update 5 -EARLY ACCESS- Notes, 10/18/13 - V13.10.18.7591
*fixed an issue where save files wouldn't load (if you have enclaves who are trying to claim another enclaves building)
*added in container mouse/keyboard support

update 4 -EARLY ACCESS- Notes, 10/18/13 - V13.10.18.7519
*fixed a bug causing a player to lose their ammo on mg's with 100 round capacity
*first pass on some UI alignment
*sound volume balancing across the game
*retuned loot distribution when starting a new game
*fixed an issue with the Leaderboards showing incorrect data
*aligned aiming reticle UI
*fixed an issue where mouse calls were being dropped
*better mouse aiming
*addressed an issue that could occur with some SLI enabled machines

update 3 -EARLY ACCESS- Notes, 09/26/13 - V13.9.26.6100
*made the game less dark
*fixed single core (and machines s


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